Taking the time to intentionally reflect on the things in our life we are grateful for makes us feel happier and more connected.  You will find some resources below to support you in your practice of gratitude.


Writing Prompts

Writing can give you the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation.  It can also hone your focus to help you connect on a regular basis to your gratitude.

Sometimes a blank page can be daunting.  Here are some writing prompts to help you get started if your writer's block is messing with your gratitude mojo.


Inspirational quotes

Often a wise or funny quote really resonates and helps me think more deeply about matters in my own life.

Here’s a curated list of quotes I hope will inspire you, anchor you, or motivate you as you reflect on the things you are thankful for in your life.


Food for Thought

I find that reading (or listening) to other's reflections can often give me insight into my own situation.

Toward that end, I have been cultivating essays and other resources that I find inspiring and motivating — I hope you do too.