Becoming more positive

The aggregate of many small steps can be significant change.  A piece of the intentionality of gratitude is choosing to focus on the positive. This article in Time Magazine outlines the steps to become more positive in daily life.

Really long distance

This broke my heart a little, but also filled me with such gratitude. Although grief can be mind-numbingly painful, I actually think that in many ways it is an act of gratitude.  In grief we often connect most fully to how much we value the gift of those we love.  I found that listening to this helped me be more mindful and present - full of gratitude for who I have in my life.  So, grab a box of Kleenex and then check this out...

Inspiration from the Internet

Struggling to find small things to make you smile or feel inspired or see the good in the world?

Try this  or this or this...